Could a computer write a novel or short story. Not quite yet I think - but who know what the future holds ?

This is home to a ‘hobby’ project of mine which in which I endeavour to see what kind of ‘story system’ I can create.

The idea stems from some code I wrote years and years ago on a ZX Spectrum (or possibly a Sinclair QL!) which produced a continuous stream of random sentences describing events at an imaginary Mad Hatters Tea Party (from Alice in Wonderland).

For example:

From the table the White Rabbit throws a tea-cake at the March Hare who climbs onto a chair and shouts ‘All move round !’ raucously. Seeing this the March Hare launches a tea-cake at Alice who laughs. Suddenly the Mad Hatter throws the teapot at the Dormouse who flies into a nearby bush shouting ‘Off with their heads!’

As you can see – not too bad – especially as the code which produced this is some 20 years old ! – and actually suprisingly simple.

The current story system, detailed within this site, has taken the idea and methology of this original program buts to aims to considerably improve on its capabilities. Take a look at the stories section of the site to see the kind of thing that the current story system is producing.